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Africa is a continent of different things. It has got different cultures in different countries, provinces and cities. Traditional healing is one of the cultural things that are still done, respected and used across the continent. Although a lot has been provided for a debate about healing in a traditional way; to me this is all a misunderstanding and it’s like people have lost their identity.

Culture is one of the things we should never run away from. In fact we cannot run away from. Culture is our roots. It’s by no doubt that our lives depends on our roots and those roots comes from our original culture. Because we have lost those roots the whole nation is slowly falling apart. Some are busy trying to get attention by undermining our traditional ways. They have begun following western modern ways and beliefs.

It’s not that we undermine the western culture or what but it’s just that I don’t see the western believers coming to our culture. What is it that is so important with this belief in a manner that we should not follow our original culture? Who ever thought we would one day turn against our ancestors and call them demons. Those demons were our mothers, fathers and our beloved family members and we are now brave enough to call them demons. We claim that they come to us as bad spirits. We should look deeply into this. Who has ever went there and check what really happens after death and came back to tell the world?

Our ancestors and God gives us different gifts useful gifts. Who gives a gift to someone he hates? Are bad spirits ever useful to us? Healing in a traditional ways is one of the gifts from our great ancestors. It can never go wrong. But does everybody have this gift?

Of course not, some are claiming to heal traditionally but they cannot. This slows down the level of respect and honor for traditional healing. It’s one of the reasons why people believe that healing traditionally is fake. We urge you to firstly check whether that person claiming to be the traditional healer has ever helped anyone or not.

Traditional healing is real and will always be real. People like Maama Hanah are proven to do work at their level best. He is proven to do miracles with different problems. He has received as many testimonials as you can think of. He works in connection with his ancestors and other traditional healers.

He heals different diseases using his traditional herbs. He cures diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer, erectile dysfunction and so on. He cures these diseases in different ways. Secondly he can cast spells for your problems. He casts money spells, protection spells and love spells. He has got what matters the most which is experience. He has been doing this for more than 10 years.

You have to trust her. Try her once and you will tell a story of how you solved your problems.


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