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Love Spells

Have you had your eye on someone from afar for a very long time but can’t seem to make a love connection? Or perhaps there is that long lost love, the “one that got away”, that you would like to jump start a rekindled romance? There have long been a variety of ancient religions that have employed the use of Love Spells to attract the perfect relationship that can give life new meaning. In general, there are five basic steps that are involved in the successful implementation of Love Spells.

Step One

Be very clear in your intentions for what it is that you want these Love Spells to provide. You can be the person most affected by the outcome, so be precise and specific. Do you simply want a summer romance? Or do you want a life-long relationship? Do you want strong physical chemistry? Or do you want a deeper emotional connection?

Step Two

Different Love Spells require different resources. Some can employ the use of candles. Others might require herbs or incense. While still others might involve a personal object from the person on whom the spell is to be cast. Make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients in hand prior to casting your spell of romance.

Step Three

Love Spells are commonly cast within a designated circle of purity and cleanliness. Make sure to locate your circle beforehand and to cleanse this location of all negative energies. Wicca employs the use of sage, frankincense and white candles to cleanse a home or specific Spell Circle. The white light of the candle is said to absorb all negative energies while the other burning herbs help to purify the area as well.

Step Four

Begin your Love Spells by inviting into your circle any higher powers or spiritual entities that you wish to call upon to help you in your quest for true love. You traditionally can “cast the circle” by facing North, South, East and West and stating a sort of mantra to these guardians of these special forces. It is also a common ritual to include a pink or red candle during your spell casting ceremony. These colors attract the love and positivity that you seek.

Step Five

When you have completed these Love Spells, you must remember to close the circle, utilizing a similar method of facing in all four directions of the compass, showing appreciation and gratitude to these special beings for their guidance and aid in your endeavors of love.
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