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This spell is there to give you the job you are qualified to do. If you have been wondering or looking for the job but you are not getting any, cast this spell as soon as possible and you will be employed as soon s you cast it. Many people are employed to day because they used this spell. You will likely use this spell if you are about to go for an interview. This is because no one is expected to cast while they have not yet put their CV’s anywhere. And again you are not supposed to cast this spell for the job you are not qualified for.

The main purpose of casting the spell is to get the job, so during the spell casting your mind should focus on one thing, which is the job that you want to do. Think of things like when you want to get the job, where you want to work, how you want to be treated and so on but they must all be related to the job that you want to do. As you know that casting this spell will be for your job so do not allow anyone to seen you during spell casting and do it in a quiet place.

So before you go for the job interview you need to cast this spell. For this spell to be cast effectively and successfully you will need the green unused candle and your photo. Remember your picture should have you alone and nobody else should have the exact copy of that photo. You will also need something to write. During the night you will find a quiet place and star casting this spell.

Write the kind of job you want to do on the candle. You should write it from top to the bottom. It should only be one kind of job and must be clearly identified. You will then have to light the candle and you let it burn until the job written there cannot be seen. As the time the candle is burning you must make sure that you repeat the pleading words. You will be pleading for the job from your ancestors and the spell.

Take the photo and show the side where there is you and show it on the flame. You should not let the picture burn out. After you feel like you are don with the spell casting you should take your picture and put it in your wallet and you go for an interview. There are many other job and money spells that are cast effectively.


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