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This spell works in three different ways concerning divorce issues. 1. Divorce is never a good thing but you may find yourself considering it as a solution. Sometimes if a relationship is in a divorce stage not both partners are ready to divorce. Anger can drive you to move into effective conclusions. This spell gives the two of you the chance to reconcile and your relationship again. Maama Hanah is ready to stop your divorce as soon as possible. 2. During divorce, various things take place. One of the reason a couple can undergo a divorce is that one partner never loved the other. Some go into marriage just for reputation and materialism. They want to spend their partner’s money and everything. During divorce they demand half of everything you posses. Are you in the same situation? This spell is ready to win you a court case and you will get what you deserve. The court will side with you and your partner will drop the case. 3. Divorce is criticized for many reasons. But for some people it can be a solution. Some people in violent relationships with people they don’t love and they can’t escape. It’s never an easy thing to divorce a lover without the use of powerful spells. Get this spell to weaken your partner and they will agree into divorce. This strong spell gives you a chance to be with someone you love.


This spell works oppositely to the one to bring back a lost lover. Some break ups in relationships are not real. You break up with someone that is still in love with you. Is your partner not letting you go easily? Do you want to move on with you life but your past lover is coming after you? Does this mean you will never find happiness? Of course not this spell is there to assist you. It chases away your past lover and you will never be in their sight again.


From a faithful spell caster you will get a faithful relationship. Unfaithfulness can and up a perfect relationship. Are you in love with an unfaithful person? Do you want your partner to be faithful to you? Is your relationship lacking faith? Is you family falling apart due to unfaithfulness of the family members? This spell is specially created for you. This love spell brings faith in your relationship.


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